Metroway riders have embraced the service since it was launched in August 2014. Here’s what they’re saying!


It is life-changing! I’m able to bus over to the Metro in a fraction of the time it took me to either catch a ride, walk further away and catch a bus, or just walk the mile to the Metro. I love it.  — Alexandria resident


Metroway is amazing. I love this bus service. I don’t have to catch the 9A anymore and go out of my way to Old Town to get to King Street. I can just go to Braddock Station. The bus beats the traffic with its Bus Only lane and it’s always on-time and very convenient. Before Metroway I would have to rely on the 9A, which was always late and sometimes the bus would never come like on Sundays. I would just have to walk to Braddock Station in the summer!  I LOVE this new bus. I like how I can get to Crystal City fast.— Alexandria resident


It’s so much more convenient to commute home. I used to dread it now it’s easy.   — Alexandria resident


It is a very efficient and easy way to get to the Metro.  I live dead center between the Crystal City & Braddock Road Metro stations.  The buses are clean and nice and the drivers are friendly.  —Alexandria resident


Metroway has made my commute to and from work much easier and quicker. I used to dread walking in the cold from the Crystal City Metro station to my job which is at the end of Crystal City. It has also been much easier to go shopping and to the movies at Potomac Yard when I am off from work. I love this new route. — District of Columbia resident


It has allowed me to shop more often at Potomac Yard, while avoiding the over-crowded Route 1 corridor.  Also, I now can shop at Harris Teeter on the weekends.  — Arlington County resident


The new buses are a very ‘first world’ commuting experience. Plus they’re frequent, on-time, and fast. — District of Columbia resident


Great buses, on-time, courteous drivers, SUPER convenient! —Fairfax County resident